Quux is a simple orthogonal connection game of perfect information for two players.



Each player gets a full stash of their chosen color. The players choose which two opposite sides of the game board belongs to them before the play starts.


The first player to connect a line of pyramids of their color from their chosen side to the opposite side wins. A line of pyramids can only be created via orthogonal connections of a player's colored pyramids resting at the top-most level of a cell.


A game of Quux consists of (potentially) two phases: a placement phase and a movement phase.

Placement phase

On each player's turn they may place a pyramid of their color on any legal cell on the board. The constraints for placement are as follows:

If both players run out of pyramids before a connection across the board has been completed then the movement phase begins.

Movement phase

During the movement phase, players take turns moving pyramids of their color. The constraints for the movement destination are as follows:

Play continues until one player makes a connection.

Variant: larger grids

Quux can be played on larger boards but bear in mind that you'll need N+1 pyramid trios for any board of size NxN.

Quux is © 2014, Michael Fogus