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The annotated von Thun

I have been a member of the Philosophy Department of La Trobe University since 1972. My PhD topic was on inductive logic,1 and I still maintain some interest in the field. Over the years I have taught various courses, in general philosophy,2 philosophy of science,3 philosophy of psychology,4 cybernetics,5 deductive and inductive logic,6 computational logic7 and computer science.8 I retired at the end of 2003, but I am still active in my research, mainly in computer science.

Symbolic Processing in Pascal contains an unpublished book which is based on several courses I have taught. Programs range from very easy to quite difficult, dealing with parsing, translating, interpreting and some theorem proving. LLC course

The programming language Joy my research in the design and implementation of a computer language. Joy is a purely functional high level programming language which eliminates lambda abstraction and function application and replaces them by program quotation and function composition.9

Miscellanea - material that does not belong to the other two pages.

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  1. In fact, Dr. von Thun devised a formulation (aptly named “von Thun’s argument”) against David Hume’s inductive skepticism.

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